Wednesday, January 2, 2008


MAGH-CM1 is the stove meant for COMMON MAN (CM). Designed by Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, GEO and declared as Creative Commons. It is a low cost t-lud stove i.e., costing less than $7 or Rs. 250 (INR), safe and easy to maintain, apart from having all the good features of MAGH-1 WOODGAS T-LUD STOVE or SMOKE BURNER STOVE , i.e., High efficiency around 40%, Less smoke, conservation of biomass, charcoal is the resultant by-product after every cooking. All types of biomass locally available, about 1 inch in length fragments could be used for fuel.

The cost is drastically reduced because of adoption of a conical shaped concrete - cement + fine sand mixture, is used for outer frame instead of stainless steel body. Relatively concrete is less conductive as compared to steel, so more safer for women and children. Inside of this outer concrete body could be made glossy for reflection of the heat and less absobtion.

The thickness of the concrete is 3/4 inch, diameter 12 inches at the bottom and 7 inches diameter at the top. Total height of the stove is about 12 inches. The combustion chamber is made up of stainless steel with ears so easy to insert in its place, it is having primary and secondary air holes.

This stove provides additional employment opportunities to the rural people. The only external things are the fan, AC to DC 12v adopter and power backup accessories. The combustion chamber made up of stainless steel could be replaced with the potters combustion chamber as shown in Low-cost woodgas stove.

Hope these type of Good Stoves would be more attractive for the Common Man to own and be part of mitigating climate change through adoption.

GEO is willing to be partner with any Organisation / Institute and provide support in dissemination of GOOD STOVES.

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